Sunday, June 28, 2009

Spring to Summer (music only)

here is the music only version. track listing is on the previous post.

<3 elise and rollie

Spring to Summer (podcast 3)

oye this is super late. this podcast started out as a spring podcast and has morphed into a combo spring/summer based entirely on our procrastination. BUT it's done. :D
we are super pleased with it. i hope you enjoy and are having super awesome spring/summers yourselves.

The tracks in this podcast are:
1. Breathe Something/Stellar Star by Flying Lotus
2. Panis Et Circenses - Reprise by Os Mutantes
3. Stillness Is The Move by Dirty Projectors
4. My Prayer by Dr. Awkward
5. Heartbeats by The Knife
6. Here Comes The Sun by Richie Havens
7. Family Tree by TV on the Radio
8. Eastern Love by Mogollar
9. Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa by The Very Best
10. Shelter From The Storm by Bob Dylan
11. De Temps En Temps by Josephine Baker
12. We're Gonna Make It by The Mighty Hannibal
13. Foreground by Grizzly Bear
14. Auntie's Lock/Infinitum by Flying Lotus

enjoy. let us know what you think. :)