Sunday, February 22, 2009

The First Podcast of e & r

Hi Family and Friends,

We decided to start a podcast as a way to share our lives with all of you who are so curious about life in State College or at least how we are surviving it. If you know us, you know how much music is a part of how we experience and process the world. We decided to use this medium to share with you the music we are listening to and how it guides us through our lives.

If you like our mix cds I think you will like this.

Hopefully we will do more than one but this took a whole weekend to do soooo.... we will see ;). 
If we do more than one this is how it is gonna work unless we get a better idea.

1. We will live our lives as usual.
2. Every couple of weeks we will sit down and compile all of the music and events that have been important to us.
3. We will create and post a podcast for you to subscribe to on itunes or just listen to here.
4. We will also post a music only version if you want to listen to the songs without us talking.

Sooooo.... *hear* it is:

You can download it by right clicking on the title of the blog and choosing "save link as" or you can subscribe to us on itunes... (I am still figuring that out). A second post will have the music only version.

Stereo Circus
Track listing:
1. Les Fleur by Ramsey Lewis
2. Grey Ice Water by Modest Mouse
3. The Book of Right on by Joanna Newsom
4. I Want More by CAN
5. Flamingos by Dr. Awkward
6. No One Does It Like You by Department of Eagles
7. Hey Jude by Paul Mauriat
8. Magic of the Crashing Stars by Tender Forever
9. A Sunny Day by Donovan
10. Love is Waiting by The Robot Ate Me

e & r


  1. What a great idea. You are your own radio show. COOL!
    Now I spent 30 mins looking at your fav blogs!

  2. i just added yo gabba gabba go look at that!