Sunday, March 22, 2009

the second ever podcast of e & r


yup we actually made a second one. you can listen to it here on the embedded player or you can right click on the title and download it. confused? call me. :) 

rol and i had alot of fun with this one. we have both been craving new music. we search in different ways, he digs in goodwill and the dollar bins of local stores. i search on the internet with the focus and drive of a zombie. we have found some new stuff and have been listening to some old stuff. i hope you enjoy it. this version has us commenting on the music, the post below is just the tracks. you can also click on the links on the songs below to learn more about the bands. :)

Stereo Circus: Podcast 2

Track listing:
2. Hi It's Been A Long Time by Donovan
3. Taste by Animal Collective
7. I Want To See The Bright Lights Tonight by Richard and Linda Thompson
8. Rich Girl by Dr. Awkward
9. Smells Like Content by The Books
10. A Hora Do Trem Passar by Raul Seixas
11. Just Ain't Gonna Work Out by Mayer Hawthorne and The County
12. Four Freshman Locked Out As The Sun Goes Down by No Kids



  1. love that donovan song. like, ALOT.
    and i have to say that i love that mayor hawthorne esp. b/c of his &heart; shaped record. so rad.

    this was so enjoyable. thanks for your hard work, you too.


  2. sweet lovebird music :) - i am listening to your podcast at work. i love the mayer hawthorne heart record gimmick (oh and the music itself too), and i bought another record for that same reason before.

    the best part is that your podcast has inspired me to set up my record player for the first time since oly. yay!

  3. thanks gus! i think i am going to start collecting heart shaped records...

  4. prolly sometime in april. we seem to be doing these once a month.