Friday, October 2, 2009

the i miss you mixes

we haven't posted anything for awhile. well, how could we! rollie has been in napa for the last month working on a research project. click here to see a newscast about it! i have started grad school. we have been apart and busy. to make up for our podcast slacking i am posting here, in this very blog, 2 mixes. 2 of them!

Here is where you can download elise's mix

Here is where you can download rollie's mix

we made these for each other just recently.

i have a new computer and i am having trouble doing what i would normally do which is paste a streaming version of these in the blog, so you will have to download them and add them to your itunes library to listen to them. sorry folks. i hope you enjoy them.

oh and i miss you too. :(

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